Faye's Product Review on Eva Naturals Retinol Serum 
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From: Faye

Eva Naturals Product Review

Hi, my name is Faye and this is a quick video review for the Eva Naturals serum. 

This is the retinol, it's got 2.5% concentration in it. 

Which is actually quite a lot for a retinol product. 

This product also has a Hyaluronic Acid, it has Vitamin E... 

super, super great for your skin. 

Does Retinol Actually Work? 

Now if you've never used a retinol product before, couple things... 

This one has quite a bit of retinol so you're going to get benefits from this you're going to see anti-aging, 
you're going to see fine lines and wrinkles start decreasing.

You probably will experience a little bit of exfoliation. 

Your skin might get a little bit dry at first and you definitely, definitely, need to be using sun protection all the time but, particularly when you're using a retinol product. 

So make sure that you're protecting your skin from the Sun, from the elements. 

I'm at the beach almost every day, I surf so I'm in the ocean and when I use something like this, 

it's doubly important that I keep my skin protected.

It is one of the only ingredients that has been scientifically proven over and over again to help with wrinkles. 

So, you are going to get anti-aging benefits from it and this product is really great.

It's available on Amazon at a great price point.

I definitely recommend that you check it out and see for yourself if you get the same kind of benefits, that have been proven over and
over again 
with retinol products. 

Again, this is the Eva Naturals. 

Thanks, guys!
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